dear society

May 25, 2008
By Sorah Yang, Fremont, CA

dear society,
are you something I choose?
something molded by views that try
to design Me?
to intertwine Me?
into a spurious system
of forged community? to force
superficial unity?
then filter out My blaring
imperfections and try,
just try to refine Me.
you’ll fail,
you cannot define Me.

dear society,
will you ever release Me?
or will you suck out My air
and police Me until
you cease Me?
and piece Me together
as a mutinous part?
but I will depart from your hold
to produce My own air and dispose
My own mold.
My Soul will prevail.
My Mind will despair you.
so label Me. judge Me.
degrade Me.
I dare you.

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