Little to Late

May 25, 2008
By Danielle Bowersmith, Byron, CA

You crash into my cart,
When I was shopping at Food Mart.
Who knew that I would meet you,
And say what's written on my heart.

Now that I broke into your thoughts,
You just play connect the dots.
You can't stop thinking of me,
Now that you're caught.

Now I'm searching for you,
With my hands out streached toward you.
But you just stand there,
When the walls start crushing you.

Then you finally reach out,
You relize what it's all about.
You know I love you,
So don't sit there and pout.

Just because I can't be with you now,
Doesn't mean I hurt you just to make you scream ow.
Please just wait a while,
Just please don't call me a cow.

I'm sorry but this relationship won't work,
So don't let your hopes perk.
Just don't turn the corner,
Where hurt feelings and sorrow lurk.

You know I didn't want you to hurt,
You probably feel like dirt.
But I'm sorry,
So take back your shirt.

I can't see you anymore,
So please walk out the door.
I didn't mean to break your heart,
So just forget that one time we met at the store.

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