Poor Henry

May 20, 2010
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Poor Henry
The first of many
A bit older than twenty
Catharine was humble and loyal
The blood of a royal
Married to his brother
He wanted another
So an annulment on the way
She dreaded the day
The only true queen
The best England had seen

Poor Henry
Heart filled with sin
Wed to Anne Boleyn
An ungrateful hussy
Who always made a fussy
Of the Kings activities
Planning unfit festivities
Sleeping around
Head fell to the ground
With the swing of the sword
And finally she was adored

Poor Henry
He was a man of love
The next one as sweet as a dove
Jane blessed the kingdom with a son
Henry had finally won
Until a few days after
The kingdom wasn’t filled with laughter
His loved had gone
She wasn’t there for long
Henry wept for she
Who was wife number three

Poor Henry
Ugly as a mule
Not a long rule
A marriage arranged
His mind had changed
She was not for him
Made her rather grim
She left with grace
Was given a nice place
To live in quiet
While England was still in a riot

Poor Henry
Next was an adulteress
Barely in a dress
She had no class
Second to last
She was a dimwit
Who was not afraid to summit
To not just the king
She had many a fling
So off with her head
Only two years until she was dead

Poor Henry
Last one
Henry was done
He was old and in pain
This one wasn’t slain
She watched him till death
Until his last breath
Widowed twice
Her without a vice
Married in secret to Seymour
Edward VI she did ignore

Poor Henry.

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