Environmental Emergency

May 18, 2010
By lindzy14 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
lindzy14 GOLD, Lawrence, Kansas
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You litter in the street,
Failing to meet,
The “three R’s” you mistreat,
The environment beat!
Reduce, recycle, reuse-
Not words meant to amuse,
They’re rules that you abuse!
If this is what you choose,
Feel the earth’s quick fuse.
Planets don’t come in two’s!
The only world you’ve got,
And you let it rot,
Healthy? It’s sadly not.
You don’t care about the trees,
Ignoring their hopeful pleas,
Or the ozone layer.
You’re not a player.
‘Cause it’s not a game
And the earth won’t be the same.
You think it’s so lame?
Be the world for a day.
Now how’s that month of May?
Then you won’t stay.
Tell me, how’s July?
Then you’ll ask why
And start to see
What’s been getting to me.
“Going Green” is even free!
You have no excuse,
The earth needs a boost.
I think you know it’s the truth.
So don’t second guess
What you know is the best.
Just do it,
The earth could really use it.

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