Nature's Moods

May 18, 2010
By trisha walker BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
trisha walker BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Nature's Moods
Birds trumpet the arrival of a new day

Welcoming the sun’s shining rays

Scattered blossoms swirl in the wind
Dancing to nature’s call

Rich soil nurtures the delicacy of life
Urging tiny seeds to stand tall

Trees sway to joyous melodies of roaring water
Climbing towards the peaceful blue of the sky

Mountains stand firm in there glorious reign
Towering over land and water

Billowing clouds create a blanket over the world
Uniting everything as one

Droplets fall from the bursting clouds
Plummeting angrily towards the ground

Winds howl with envy
Jolting the crisp air with mighty power

Strings of electricity consume the night sky
Threatening calls of danger

Repetitive rumbles jerk the earth
Shouting sadistic murmurs of impending doom

Darkness descends from enveloping clouds
Claiming its territory completely

A drizzle continues to bathe the terrain
Caressing the damp earth with its gentle sway

The hushed wind brushes the eerie silence
Awakening the world from its watery prison

Serene colors emerge from their hiding place
Illuminating the elaborately painted scenery

Thus unfolds Nature’s moods.

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This article has 1 comment.

on Jun. 26 2010 at 10:15 pm
thats quite Amazing. I'm impressed. i'm a little curious as to what inspired such work. But, from you I would expect nothing short of excellence :)


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