Under Wing’s Expanse (Sestina)

May 18, 2010
The secrets of the Universe
The starry night expanse
Brings memories of melodies
And as I lie here beneath
I can only sigh and breathe
In the chilly scent of dawn

The songs of birds begin at dawn
Bringing life to the Universe
While each time I breathe
The oxygen of this forested expanse
I know how far I am beneath
The tree tops rustling melodies

How intricate the melodies
Of the birds begun at dawn?
Their voices pure leave all beneath
As wings envelope the Universe
And thrush songs float through the expanse
Causing me to forget to breathe

Awe-filled gasp, and again I breathe
Listening to haunting melodies
To tell of a time when this expanse
At the time of this world’s dawn
Was central to the Universe
And flying beings left all beneath

Here I am, standing still beneath
I hear each time the vultures breathe
Who better to rule the Universe?
Those with the purest melodies
Greeting the world at break of dawn
Sheltered under wing’s expanse

Soaring high under sky’s expanse
The king of the birds glides beneath
Silhouetted against the glow of dawn
Circling tightly as I breath
And though his song lacks melodies
It commands the universe

So here at dawn I lie and breathe
Voice far beneath thrush melodies
So small in this expanse, this piece of the Universe

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