No Regrets

May 28, 2008
By hanedie eliacin mars, Orlando, FL

Searching all your life for a small light in the dark.

When everything around you seems to be closing on you.

You try to find your way out, but your surroundinngs become more dim.

Running from your fears will get you no where, it is a waste of time.

More people will admire you if you would have the heart to stop blaming others.

You soon realize all the people that are pujtting you down made you stronger in every way.

Live life the way you choose; don't change your lifestyle just to impress other people.

Because chances are those same people
that tried to put you down are the main people that look up to you for being different.

And as that darkness turns into light, your mind finally clears.

The doors finally open, and your surroundings start to make sense.

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