I Want One

May 17, 2010
I’m walking with my mother,
Past the fountain in the park,
It’s a saturday evening,
And beginning to grow dark.

We stop to watch a boy and girl,
Playing in the water,
I wouldn’t blame them either,
Not many days have been hotter.

They splash each other playfully,
And the girl let’s out a scream,
The boy grabs her around the waist,
And it’s suddenly as if I’m in a dream.

Not her, it’s me, now splashing in the water,
He’s holding me instead,
And I’m almost positive,
That I’ve fainted dead.

He’s smiling at me so brightly,
Illuminated by the crimson sky,
Deep in my stomach, butterflies,
Spread their wings and fly.

I’m in heaven, I believe it,
When everything becomes clear,
I’m not the girl in the fountain,
He’s not whispering in my ear.

I’m the one observing,
Standing with her mother,
Desperately wishing inside,
That she was the other.

I turn away from the couple,
Glance up at the fading sun,
Then turning to my mother,
Say, “I want one.”

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