Forever never end

May 17, 2010
By Justininthemoment SILVER, Clarksville, Tennessee
Justininthemoment SILVER, Clarksville, Tennessee
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Blue and white
Is all I see
The sky now blinds
And tortures me
Just a blank screen
Forever never end
No way to fight
No way to defend
Not any birds
Or bone chilling wind
Just a sky so bland
Forever never end
The people
Ten thousand miles below
Would have never known
That a tortured soul
Was suspended in a glass window
In a sky that will
Forever never end
No food, no water, no way to die
In this famous box
I’ve spent an eternity inside
Looking down at nothing
Being seen by nothing
Lonely I want to die
Alone and nothing are one and the same
In this sky forever never end
A day had passed
Then a month
A year
I forget to keep track
My mind has gone weird
I’ve been here in the sky
Forever never end
An eternity
In the sky
In this box
I will never die
Never I tear
Never I lie
Just think, think
And think again
There’s no way out
Where to begin
Forever never end
I scream, I yell
The glass won’t let out
I punch, I ram
My knuckles now bleed
My eyes they cry
So I say and say again
Where to begin in
Forever never end
Is it there?
I ponder
I scream
I stare at yonder
And it stares back
Nothing, nothing
Then it mocks
It laughs
As my knuckles pulse thin
Forever never end
Finally I am insane
I scream
Below I see dark rain
Lightning strikes
The ground below
It shakes and breaks
My glass window
Now I know I am free
I jump with a scream
The sky is mine
To do as I please
I mock Lucifer himself
As my happiness I redeem
In the sky forever never end
In the now peaking joy
I smack with a thud
An and invisible wall
Separating city
And sky above
I can’t move
My arms, broken
My legs, in pieces
My head, now a bloody fountain
My tears, meaningless
In the last of my energy
I look at the devil of a sky
And gave it my mightiest
Emotion filled cry
Cut off in a gurgle
My throat refills with blood
So I turn and lay
Unable to die
I look apon the city
Forever never end
In the sky

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