May 17, 2010
By Justininthemoment SILVER, Clarksville, Tennessee
Justininthemoment SILVER, Clarksville, Tennessee
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Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. - Ernest Hemingway

Webs of the fallen
Welcome me
To these stone halls
Where the dead walk free

The path below my step
So creek
Alert the dead
To make groans weak

I see my father
Laid dead and bare
I’d shed a tear
But no soul would care

I see my mother
Down proud and strong
Never I cry
But I will play her song

I see a daughter
A girl I once knew
Her car crashed on the ice
And with her I flew

I see a son
A mind beyond its age
Loved him as a brother
Ending cancer took him that day

This murk, these catacombs
All death is but a lie
Amongst these decaying hearts
Their loving memories reside

Finally death is here
To send me on my way
If I only a question to give
Is the world okay?

Death lightly said to me
The world is weary and proud
Its souls are full of dread
And are covered in my shroud

But surprised I am still
Your hope is all around
It is larger than my will
And muffles my every sound

You have lived a life so long
But welcome to my land
I’m sorry if this welcomes wrong
We have many a man

Now I walk so willingly
From this world to the next
But happy I am still to see
My love for life was yearly met

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