New Beginnings

May 28, 2008
By Charlotte Karp, Glen Ellyn, IL

Spring brings new beginnings
Like friends after a fight
Flowers bloom over the cool soil
Just as the kids bloom into adults
Fireworks of color spread all around
Like the colors of the personality of each person
As we walk through all I see are all the flowers growing in patches
Like the social groups
Life blooms up from the cold ground
As people change into new and sometimes better person
The sun welcomes the flowers
As friends regroup after summer
And the soil brings them beautiful growth
Like the parents who have worked tirelessly to set their children on the right path
Water brings them care
As a child’s parent has done since the day they were born
The bees bring them life
Just as a bowl of ice cream was able to calm them so many years ago
As does the beams of light
Just as a kiss on the boo-boo was able to make everything all better
The gardener is responsible for what the flowers are like today
People are made and formed form everything that has happened and the people that you have met
How life goes depends on everything that has ever happened

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