Three Killer Trees

May 28, 2008
They are silent but deadly
I alone understand their ominous intent
These three trees standing there
Scraggly yet strong

Three trees that overshadow
All that dears to grow
Three trees that have been growing
Steadily for years

At night
The sound of their movement
Sends a warning to all

Their killing is slow
By those who spend time around them

Their roots suck the water
Their sticks and leaves
Cover the ground blocking out the light
This is how they work

If we were all the grass
That calls the dirt underneath
The three trees their home
Then we all are truly doomed doomed
Doomed to the fact of death

When the grass is still small
And fragile the trees attack
When they need water and light the most
They are deprived of it.

Three who are the most silent killers
Three who reach far into the ground and strangle.
Three whose only existence is to choke out those
Who pose a threat to life

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