Our Last Day

May 20, 2010
Nothing will ever be the same after today
After you leave
All of the memories, they will never go away
They will only linger here
Causing me pain and heartache
Over and over again,
Because you didn’t listen,
Because you didn’t stay.
When you first told of your leaving,
I was as proud as a wife could be.
What wife wouldn’t be proud if told,
Their husband would be fighting for their glorious country.
A country that takes pride in honesty, integrity, freedom, in God.
Well at least it used to,
But that was what I believed
I had put my faith in a thing of the past
But the world is different now
You will never get to see your little girl
And she will never meet you
But she will have the next best thing,
She will have your legacy, your stories,
Because I will never forget.
I will never forget the day we met
Or the day we had our first kiss
Or the day u got down on one knee
Or the time u said ‘I do’ to me.
I will never forget the day your father died
And how you wept into my lap,
I will never forget when you told of your leaving,
Or my feeling of your not coming back.
I will never forget today
How I asked you, no
Begged you to stay.
But you didn’t listen
And in an hour you will be leaving.
But its ok and I wont cry
For I will see you again.
I will meet you at heaven’s gate
And together we will go in.
But until that day,
Instead of dwell
I will think of you and smile
And at least, even if short
I had you for a while.
And when the time comes for you my dear
To go be on your way
I will remember every crease, line, and shape
Of how you looked on our last day.

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