The Joker

May 20, 2010
So what if his hair is greasy green,
His lips as red as blood,
His face as white as clouds?
Of all people in the world, he’s not the freakiest.
What about bald pop singer Britney Spears?
Or dead demon BeetleJuice?
Or perhaps, the big man himself:
dressing up as a bat by night,
Jumping from rooftop to rooftop,
Preying on city villains.
So what if the Joker burns mounds of money,
Laughs as he plummets to his death,
Or dresses up has a nurse?
The Joker is a unique soul,
a man who’s comfortable in his white skin,
Not afraid to say what’s on his mind,
Or shove a pencil in a man’s head.
A lot can be learned from a man like that,
For what’s a decent world,
If everyone can’t be themselves?
Batman would say the world would be a lot safer,
While the rest of us say the world would be a lot more entertaining.

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comicbookwoman95 said...
Nov. 11, 2013 at 12:57 pm
That is a fantastic point. It is the perspective that makes someone good or evil. If you like the joker and harley quinn relationship, then you should read my free verse poem, the heart of a lost one.
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