Hidden Secrets

May 20, 2010
By DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
DotKing GOLD, Climax, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"I have been driven to my knees many times simply by the stark realization that i had no where else to go" Abe Linclon
"The fear of God is the Death of every other fear" C.H. Spurgeon

We whisper words while you sleep
Sharing treasures that we keep

Deep within, we always hide
Creatures free, yet trapped inside

Inside the heart, behind the eyes
Of the reader who always tries

To escape in our inky depths
Around the corner down the steps

Unlock secrets yet to be known
Find the ideas that are thrown

From writer’s mind to ink and page
Those stories of knight, king, and mage

Welcome now into these books
Just be careful where you look

For the greatest book that you find
May be one with a tattered bind

The author's comments:
I origonally wrote this for a creative writing class. We had to write a love poem, but it couldn't be a sappy, super obvious love poem. Teacher's comment was that he should barely be able to tell it was a love poem, though the poem could be about nearly anything. So this is my love poem about books.

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