This Night

May 20, 2010
By Anonymous

This night – such a sight –
A cloudless void above my head
Stars and moon so bright –
All is lit – All is seen.

The trees with their darkened mass
Move gently in nocturnal winds –
Like blades in a field of grass –
There is peace here.

Life of the night, the peepers sing –
A mouse in the meadow, fox in the wood
The owl gliding on a silent wing –
All living, all thriving – in the dark.

But this serene panorama shall not last –
Twilight approaches, like an unstoppable tide
The new day is approaching fast
A never-ending cycle – All must change.

The orb of life – brings a new dawn
Glittering like scales on the drops of dew
A new world is shown – the old is gone
Such is the way things are.

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