The Land You’ve Never Heard of

November 19, 2007
There’s a land of pixies and fairies
Of warlocks and magical things
Of goblins and angels and fairies too
And snakes with tiny wings

This land you’ve never heard of
This land you’ve never seen
For this land is up in the clouds
Where you have never been

This land I always talk of
I will tell you what it’s like
For only I have been there
To talk with Mrs. Brike

Mrs. Brike’s a teeny tiny thing
And she is very nice
She lives in a bottle and runs the town
And is good at fairy’s dice

I also know a pixie
Who is red and blue and green
I always try to trick her
But she is very keen

And now you have heard
My most wonderful tail
And now I hope
You’ll let your imagination sail!

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