December 19, 2007
By Eddie Dempley, Louisville, KY

Fighting all the time for us is evident
The drug of my life, you are my wife; I thought you were heaven sent.
Your body is holy so treat it that way
I love you. Why all of a sudden have you chosen to be gay?

There’s no way she can give you what I can
I’ll give you one big reason, I am a man
Cut off what we had all because of a little tramp
Look at my face, there’s a reason it’s damp.

You’ve hurt me badly that I just want to die
A woman has your heart and it just makes me cry
The decisions you make are breaking our bond
You can’t sit here and say you don’t remember our first kiss at the pond

You influence me with everything you do
Please stay with me because I will always love you
What do I have to do to convince you to stay?
Before you go I must say…I myself am also gay.


You call yourself a coach
Let’s try a new approach
How about winning a game
That will save our name

Shave your mullet it really makes me mad
Talk to the players don’t be their dad
Be mean, aggressive to help the team win
Instead of giving high fives and always with a grin

Study more film on your off days
Don’t just sit at home eating some lays
Run the ball more often it’s really simple
Are national title hopes are as small as a pimple

You call yourself a coach pssh get out of here
Go back to Tulsa and run like a deer
I miss my first love with a great passion
He’s in the ATL with the dog assassin.

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