Me, Myself, and I

December 14, 2007
By Megan Tuchman, Parkland, FL

One of my traits that I just can help
I always know where stuff is so I don’t hand it in late
I’m good at keeping my school bag and room in place
And if I cant find something, you’ll know, because I have an angry look on my face

I’m quiet at school, but not at home
I’m loud with my friends, but not in class
I never knew why, but hey, at least I pass
I don’t mind it because I know I won’t change, all because of one itty-bitty thing

Sometimes this is a bad thing because I’m too nice to people
And when I want to say something mean, I just cant
I get very mad with myself but it’s a trait I have that is extant
At least people don’t get too angry with me if I did something that wasn’t too pleasant

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