A Song for a Dying Tree

May 20, 2010
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A leaf fell in the forest-
And no one heard but me-
The birds all sang a chorus-
A Song for a Dying Tree

The wind whipped through the branches-
And blew their leaves around-
You should have heard the awful noise-
A croaking, moaning sound

The days went by and by-
Until, at last, at one-
There came a gruff and brawly man-
Axe glinting in the sun

He saw the tree and to himself-
He said, “This one will do.”
And so he lifted his axe high-
And chopped the tree in two

His forest friends all mourned-
For their dead and broken friend-
And still they trusted-
It would work out in the end

There the tree sat-
A coffin for all to see-
The chorus sang a sorrowful tune-
A Song for a Dying Tree

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