May 19, 2010
By AdamBruin BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
AdamBruin BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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What makes us happy? What makes us sunny or funny?
Is it in nice clothes, fancy cars, or even money?
May be you enjoy family, or one of your best friends
Or may be you just enjoy sleeping in on the weekends
Many things can happen, that affect your mood
May be you enjoy sports, or you just love eating food
You might have happy memories, the go just like they came
Or for the person who wants to live life like a video game
There is no cheat code for happiness, sorry it is true
When your color glows of happiness, it’s hard to look so blue
It may be a state of mind, planted into our mentality
Being born human, it just comes out naturally
We all are like pirates, we all want to find the buried treasure
Humanity has taken refuge in finding happiness in religion and pleasure
We are suppose to love the earth, everything down to the bugs
America can only find happiness now a days threw murder, sex, and drugs
Romance burns through a individual, more then they can handle
We all have rainy days that put happiness out like a candle
Depressed, stressed, your whole life may be stuck in a mess
Can’t let life get you down, when you’re attempting to be a success

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