David at Sea

May 18, 2010
By , Lakewood, CA
It was a dreary day when David was deployed.
All our plans for months to come were destroyed.
Tears spilled down my cheeks as I watched him pack his bags,
He grabbed his things and lastly slipped on his tags.
She tugged at his heart as I clung to his hand.
But he left me behind alone in the sand.
Not wanting to admit that soon he would be gone,
I stood and looked out to the sea till dawn.
I was companion-less on the bluffs, just me and my fears.
I could feel the oceans mist mingling with my tears.
I try to keep my mind busy,
But always end up in a tizzy.
I went to the sea to search the horizon,
But only saw a sailor’s mizzen.
I hear the rhythmic waves slap against the rocks
And stood there waiting for him by the docks.
Time moves slow oh time moves slow
When Davis is gone I have no glow.
I lift my chin and smell the warm salt air
And give my David a sweet brief prayer.
As I head home I realized only one more day
Then he is home to stay.
Excitement made my heart swell like a balloon till I thought I would burst,
‘Cause now behind me was the worst.
Tomorrow I would no longer have to reminisce
I would actually be able to taste his kiss.

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