Hypothetic Schizophrenic

May 24, 2008
By Sean Reidy, Mt. Prospect, IL

4:14 AM WAKE UP!! Rise and shine. Walk the line. Dress up nice. Cold as ice. Eat your toast. Eat the host. Tie your shoes. Follow rules. Don't trip. Don't slip. Open doors. Ask for more. Sit and learn. Long and yearn. Look in mirror. See your fear. See your fear...
4:15 AM Are you Awake yet?? World has slowed. Grass is mowed. Car is towed. Future told. Sit and think. Whine and drink. B*** and moan. All alone. Find yourself. Lose your soul. Be the best. As your told. Breaking loose. Hangman's noose. Sail away. Across the bay. Seven seas. Can you see? Can you see??
4:16 AM Open your EYES!! Start to run. Have no fun. Assume your role. Grab the pole. Dig your hole. Makeshift love. Flightless dove. See the girl. She's the world. Stand in line. Hold the sign. Colorless. Motherless. Hold your head. Wish your dead. Secrets told. Friendships mold. Give your schpiel. Even keel. Do you feel? Do you feel??
4:17 AM Don't you BLINK!! See the brains. Gives you pains. Grab the reins. Go insane. Calm them down. Shoot the clown. Erase the frown. Get your crown. Paint your face. Lose the race. Get the shakes. Her heart breaks. Tragic loss. Shiny gloss. Plastic skin. Shades of sin. Greener grass. Fades too fast. Out of sight. Lost my right. In the dark. See the mark. Devil's twist. Black snake's hiss. Take a bite. See through sight. Stuck in sand. Sun's demand. Hear the drums. Hear the guns. Look within. See the djinn. Take it in. Take it in...
4:18 AM Focus NOW!! Red Flower. Dread Power. Neat rythyms. Elitism. Fix your dreams. Busted seams. All the gold. All the green. All the white. Never seen. Taste the dirt. Make it hurt. Blood on shirt. What's it worth? Do your art. Sell at mart. Laugh at birth. Sell the earth. Trade in trees. All on lease. Waxing on. Waxing off. Steady on. Choking cough. So much pain. All in vain. Walk in shame. Walk in shame...
4:19 AM CONCENTRATE!!! Dark matter. Mad-hatter. Intertwined. Feeble swine. One is right. Two are wrong. Three will fight. Four sing songs. Hungry child. In the wild. Rags and bones. Left alone. Eat your cake. Watch them bake. For God's sake. Give don't take. Too much lust. Love or Bust. All for one. One for none. C'est la vie. Not for me. Not for me...
4:20 AM Eyes wide shut...Sucked through holes in the human solution. Displaced anger spreading to the corners. Apathy playing games with justice. Death walks as Life across parched plains. Her tears trickle down mountains and fill the oceans. Lowly look to lords for helping hands, but they are too busy counting coins. Heavy hearts will be weighed and cast away, god d'Ammit. The sun will set and we will dream, but will we WAKE UP?

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on Oct. 18 2011 at 9:36 pm
MissCrystalBawl, Bellaire, Texas
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This is amazing. I felt like I was schizophrenic for a while...


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