Who Makes These Wonderful Things?

May 11, 2010
Who makes these wonderful things on earth?
The clear blue sky and green grass below,
What makes a waterfall gush so vividly?
And how does a bird know how to prepare her nest?
Who made these wonderful things?
The baby deer drinks from the stream with eagerness,
With Christ our Lord we shall never thirst.
The fawn grows to a mighty creature,
But who was his Maker?
A rainforest, with its tropical sounds and bright colors,
A frog’s croak, and a toucan’s caw,
The majesty of it all!
It is becoming clearer to Whom it is, can you guess?
Who thought of such things?
High above the ground the mountains and hills arise,
This Maker must be wise!
Most beautiful sight for anyone sometimes sheds tears from the eyes.
Beauty surrounds us where’re we go,
Jesus Christ our Maker has made these wonderful things.

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