The Ulltimate Sacrifice

May 11, 2010
Someone special paid the price,
A holy man, obedient and very nice.
His Father loved the ones He created enough to send His only Son,
To do the work no ordinary man could have ever done.
Christ, Jesus was perfect and taught His Father’s will,
Fighting and defending God’s word; an awesome person, but still;
There had to come a day when the Messiah must die,
To save the sins of the world, past, present, and future, for all of you and me.
So there He hung on that bloody cross, our Savior,
Taking upon the sins of the world; He said, “It is finished.”
There peacefully He took His finally breath,
The greatest man, the BEST.
That day He died, but three days later,
He rose again! And saved us from plunder and death.
And so it is true, the One who paid the price
Was Jesus, our only sacrifice.

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