May 24, 2008
What is so constant
That doesn’t affect with change?
Even a common, unnoticeable rock
Goes through a life cycle,
Even rocks have the chance to morph into something.

Only numbers, yes numbers,
Will stay the same forever.

For one plus one will always equal two,
Two and two, four,
Four and four, eight.
Even I remember the over used math phrase that teachers proclaim,
Although they never use it to talk about numbers.

But what, then, do they use that phrase for?

I find comfort in them, numbers,
In their sameness.
Is that wrong? Is that wrong to resist change?
Is it wrong to wish for a breath,
A short pause,
A moment in which nothing is moving
And everything is silent.

Maybe not. Maybe when everything is changing
And nothing was like what it was before,
It’s okay to find

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