The Forest Trail

May 11, 2010
The woods have so many things inside,
Sights, sounds, colors, holes for all creatures to hide.
Listen and hear the sparrow’s clear, beautiful song,
And see the Redwood’s trunks so long.
Beside the path a critter rustles in the leaves beside you,
Awaiting a predator to leave to scamper through.
Cantering afar off you can hear the swift deer,
The trickling of a brook far and near.
At night the crickets play sweet music and you can hear the owl,
Far off in the mountains you can hear the wolves howl.
The moths and fireflies fleeing from the bats,
All the moles and wild rats.
The brook still trickling softly with the moon’s shaded glow,
A shadow in the dark comes to drink the water, a mother doe.
She goes back to a cave to nurse her new born fawn,
Silently in sleep the creatures await to see the sun’s rays at the break of dawn.
Animals are rustling to start the new day,
Parents are getting food while children explore and play.
What joy is in the forest every bright early morning?
Squirrels and chipmunks burying nuts below, and in the sky the eagle is soaring.
The day drifts by and at sunset you leave,
Leave behind you a different exciting world.
Wishing you could come back to examine God’s creation that made you intrigued,
You realize there are many special things back inside.
Though all the creatures and secrets hide,
The truth of God’s creation has been hidden, but if you search, the truth unfolds.

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