Goodbye Grandpa

May 24, 2008
By sarah joncas, Mansfield, MA

One day in a miserable room
The smell of cleaner and death
A dreaded goodbye
“Don’t give up, baby, you’re too special.
You’re gonna be something someday.
No matter what, I’ll always be proud of you.”

A hug goodbye
“Don’t you cry,
I’m going somewhere better.
I’ll still be there in your heart
Whenever you need me.”

A sad goodbye
I don’t want to leave
But I know it’s inevitable,
I must leave, he must die.

That final goodbye
Is all I could remember
When we got the dreaded call
Just two days later.
He was gone.

That permanent goodbye
Meant no more pain,
But his spirit was still there
In the dancing butterflies
And the bright blue sky
In our magic tree
And the sound of the ice cream truck

A long goodbye,
For even now, he’s still here
In the coffee shop
And my music
In every song I write
And forever in my heart

Not a goodbye at all
Because he’s still with me
Watching everything I do
And I bet he’s still proud
I’m sure he’ll tell me when I meet him again.

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