Ode to Eyebrows

May 24, 2008
Eyebrows are for everyone
one or two or even none.
Hardly there
or overly scare
eyebrows show the world that you care.

Knit them like a sweater
Or lift them like heavy weights
I hope your eyebrows win you
Many hot dates.

Hair is dead cells
Growing on your face
Two caterpillars
Engaging in a fur race.

Eyebrows can be crazy,
Wild and untame.
Eyebrows will be lazy
And put you to shame.

Beware of fake eyebrows
Drawn on with a pencil
Kindergartners trace them
Using their caterpillar stencil

Fun and freaky
They're the icing on my face
If I had a face competition
They would surely win first place.

Thick and furry is the way to go
None of that skinny crap
Ask me
I know.

Some people say
That the eye is the window to the soul
Well look a little above
They're there in the full.

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