May 17, 2010
Ambulances scream and firetrucks yell,
And I feel my heart fall down to hell,
The sound of the sirens penetrates my ears,
So scared and alone and down go my tears,
People gather but I cant bear to see,
I cant bear to face this fear inside of me,
Paramedics race and a fire blazes high,
And it melts me down, the flames, I cannot lie,
The smoke starts to clear and there's glass on the road,
All hope was lost and my true colors showed,
Recognition is unable from the mangle of the car,
A funeral in the future or am I thinking to far?
Someone leads me to the front and my hopelessness grew,
And that's when I realized my greatest nightmare came true,
For the first time I looked and gasped at what I saw,
And the shock of it stunned me and caused me to fall,
The test held a plus as I dropped it to get to my feet,
And ran to pieces of him all over the street,
And I knelt down beside him and let out a scream,
And then woke up in sweat and realized it was a dream..

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