May 17, 2010
By Canada BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
Canada BRONZE, Little Rock, Arkansas
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Wondering down that place, can you tell me that you don't see it?
Can you tell me that you are not so?
I saw us together inside that world we made when we were little.
It is gone.
It is gone.
The echo of me does not reach you anymore.
You make no sound near my soul.
You are gone.
You are gone.
The sky is crumbling with flowers, the ones that I used to pick so much.
but they aren't there.
They disappeared.
The ball I tossed back and forth is flat, the blue one that I loved so much.
I lost it in the closet.
I remember loving to run in the backyard, going through those big bushes like a leader.
But I'm too big now.
I'm not a leader.
Just a quiet follower.
I remember being brave, nothing scaring me at all when around you.
But it was a act.
I was scared.

Now we aren't little.
We are teens I suppose.
Grown up and Grown out.
My homework is left once again at home.
Another F for the day.
You finish your work perfectly, understand it all.
I don't.
Not at all.
We sing together in our spare time and you hit the notes perfectly.
I do not do so well.
You've outgrown the park, maturity hits you like a speeding car.
It misses me.
I have not grown.
Not at all.
Not at all.
Not at all.
Test papers cover me and homework weighs me down.
You just stare at me.
You just laugh.
I am not laughing.
Why are you laughing?

Park walks are lonely.
You left me in the dust.
All alone.
I am still at the starting line.
You have passed the finish line.
The sky is stable now.
Nothing falls to me.
I am slient.
No echo.
Not a thing.

I saw us together inside that world we made when we were little.
What ever did happen to that world?
I close my eyes and sigh.
It won't come back.

Echos don't sound off as I walk back home.
None at all.
None at all.

The author's comments:
I guess this was inspired by two of my friends; One isn't really my friend anymore and the other seems way better then me at times.

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