Age of a Girl

May 17, 2010
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Brand new child, eyes closed in sleep.
Parents cooing through the glass, happiness in their eyes.
Looking at their precious baby girl;
The life they are now responsible for.
Her innocence, and overall look, overwhelms them.
And for a moment, love unlike any other becomes them. Its name is family.

Skip ahead to 3 and a half

She is in her terrible threes
Screaming and kicking her screen bedroom door.
Being ignored and feeling angry.
Usual for her age.
Wanting to have her way, no matter what.
Indecisive, and uncivilized, she is her own being; its name is exhaustion.

Go to 7

Not completely oblivious to the frustration around her.
Her silent eyes gaze out the window, as she waits impatiently for her mother to come home.
Her father watches her, feeling sympathy for his daughter.
And when the queen finally arrives, she pays no mind to her adoring fan.
Left in pieces, she looks down, as her father hugs her, trying to help her.
But she still foolishly hopes, even though she is in pain. It's called heartbreak.

10 and a half.

Not ignorant, but not aware, she asks her father tearfully, 'Are you and mommy going to get a divorce?'
He sighs, and tries to comfort her without giving an exact answer.
Already she can see the pot is boiling over.
And is afraid to see what will happen.
Knowing the inevitability, but unsure as to when.
Trying to reach out, but coming back with an empty hand. It's called desperation.


Fighting back to her mother's insults, and relying on her friends.
Feeling drained, she repeats, "I'm not going to fight with you" as her mother replies, "Good."
And then, the mother, being herself, begins again.
Leaving this girl in transition, wondering who the true adult is.
She works her way through her mother's disappointed sighs and insults; each one wounding and strengthening.
Putting up with something, to make it through to the bright side; her friends and family. It is age.

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