Chain Mail

May 17, 2010
By MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
MiaLunaAmore GOLD, Unionville, Connecticut
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This is real I swear;
Don't laugh, it's totally true!
Just do as this chain letter says
And you'll kiss your true love
On the Friday of next week.

Just sing Mary Had A Little Lamb,
Do the Cha Cha Slide,
Play pattycake with your cat,
Eat a spoonful of sugar,
And pass this on.

Recite your alphabet backwards,
And spin three times,
Making sure to not step on a sidewalk's crack
Do three cartwheels along with a somersault
And you should be all set.

You'll marry your true love
(Who just happens to be your crush)
Just follow these crucial instructions.
Pass this on to everyone you know
And if you get it back, it's sure to work!

You believe in this chain letter right?
Its chock filled with facts and logic,
Because of course, doing all of the above
Guarantees a life of happiness.
That's why there's world peace of course!

There's no poverty because of these chain letters,
And definitely no hardships.
Not a hint of heartbreak,
This is as real as it gets kids.
So remember;

Keep this chain letter circulating
Spread the joy that it gives!
Because you really need to see this
On every webpage that you see
Just to remind you of its honest reality.

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