Rain drops

May 24, 2008
By mickerlange augudtin, Sunrise, FL

Rain drops drip from my eyes, drip, drip, like the game follow the leader.
I tried to block the memory away, because he loves me, he loves me not.
How do I go on knowing that you no longer by my side?
Why should I smile? Without you, it fell like no air.
I know it was simply a crush, I guess I was in to deep, but now, he loves me he loves me not.
I stared at your beauty and admire it far away, getting close was a mistake.
Without warning, you drag me closer, and closer, I tried to pull away, because I knew that he loves me, he loves me not.
When I was brave enough I walked up to him, on my way back, my heart crack open.
By the way he rejected me I can see clearly now, he don’t love me.
Why do we deny the one that will die for us, and chase those who don’t even know you existed?
Now when I think of you, no more smile, blush, only pain and regret.
Only if he knew he meant everything to me, on second thought it won’t matter because he loves me, he loves me not. I close my eyes and let the pain drip away, one by one, drip, drip, my rain drop run on for ever.

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