May 23, 2008
By Allison Eitman, West Caldwell, NJ

Sidewalks are
Fractured with green blades
Arms grasping that sunkissed feeling
Of toasty warmth between the cracks of flaming cement;
Ice cream droplets from sticky hands
Fall and burn to a crisp on
Sidewalks, with their
Fossilized gum and long lost footprints
Caked in the dust of paved centuries
And hopscotch memories
Reminding me of years past
When smaller feet walked upon
Sidewalks, the
Rough surfaces upon which
Contemplation and hope thrive,
Memories flourish,
And Earth and air collide,
Surfaces upon which
People walk,
You walk,
He walks,
She walks
And I walk,
On sidewalks.

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