A Perfect Moment

May 23, 2008
By Amber Meleski, Hubertus, WI

The sun beats down.
Waves tumble along the shore and crash into the rocks.
The humidity hangs over the area like thick smog.

I amble along the ocean’s edge.
My toes sink into the warm sand.
I breathe in the fresh air and think of all of Earth’s beauty.

All along the sandy beach,
Palm trees sway each time a breeze passes over.
The water glistens, reflecting off the sun’s rays.

A wave of calmness washes over my body
Sending a sudden chill down my spine.

Everywhere along the beach
People are splashing, swimming, dancing, and laughing.

I hear a child cry, and another jumps into the ocean with a splash.
Nearby, a couple holding hands walks into the big blue marine,
And a father gives his son a hand to finish his sand castle.

As the temperature begins to rise,
The ocean calls me in.
Without thinking, I join the millions at sea
And become another bober drifting in the waves.

I find myself floating further and further from the shore.
My eyes close and for a moment all I can hear is the sounds of the ocean.
I slip out of reality and doze into a world of peacefulness.

Here, the soft whoshing sounds are loud,
But to my mind they are gentle and quiet
Making me calm and at ease.

My body loses all feeling
And I become weightless and dead,
Yet I feel more alive than ever.

Then a boat zooms by and I am quickly brought back to reality.
I realize that this peacefullness does not really exist.
I replay this fantasy over and over in my head as I step out of the water.

I enter back into a world of problems, hate, and crime.
The ocean calls me back,
But I know I must go forward and face the world.

Leaving does not make me sad though.
Rather, I feel stronger and more ready to face the challenges ahead.
For it is these precious moments that I live for,
but do not waste my life trying to find.

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