The Girl With The Purple Hair

May 12, 2010
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She sits alone,
The tears lubricate her face,
She's afraid to go home,
But she's quite sick of this place,
The girl with the purple hair.

And then she sees him,
A majestic image,an aurora of light,
And he's walking in her direction,
Her heart beats frantically,
She can never compare this image
To her memorys,
He looks at her,
He looks right through her,
The girl with the purple hair.

She tries to slink out of the building,
They spot her,
They look right at her,
They throw names like knives which pierce her heart,
As they push into her her self esteem falls apart,
The girl with the purple hair.

She stumbles wildly into the house,
Loks with disdain around her disgusting hovel,
Her parents shake her report in her face,
Inside she feels like such a disgrace,
The girl with the purple hair.

Why does no-one love her,
Why is she so alone,
She cries so much she chokes,
The lump in her throat barely allows the bitter pills through,
The water washes them down,washes away the pain,
She gasps,she screams,she falls,
Her drunken parents call,
She falls to the ground for the final time
The girl with the purple hair

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babyduck203 said...
Sept. 14, 2011 at 9:55 am
This made me want to cry, but it was a powerful message. Good job. :)
Barbara J. replied...
Sept. 14, 2011 at 4:04 pm
Thanks so much I wrote it when I was at a very difficult stage in my life :/ Its tough when you love someone but he doesnt acknowledge you :) 
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