May 23, 2008
By audreanna wiggins, Port Townsend, WA

Light Light Can’t find the light
I don’t see it
Everything’s dark
Scared and alone
I feel shivers crawling down my back, like a hand crawling up my shirt
Light Light Can’t find the Light
I close my eyes , wishing it was a nightmare
When I wake up its still dark
No light, the shivers are still there
I can’t get out, I’m stuck in a cage
I’m trapped
No one hears my scream
He says shh, but I don’t listen
I’m invaded, I lost it, its gone without choice
Light Light Can’t find the light
I squeeze my eyes tight trying to wake up
Its dark, its silent
I lay there defeated and scared
Not moving only the wet tears running down my face
Trying to forget it its still put back in my mind
Aware and beat
Where were you light? I needed you
And you weren’t there

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