One Dollar For Bread

May 23, 2008
"One dollar for bread" is what he said
That poor, lonely boy on the street
"One dollar for bread" is what he begged
all days, lacking sleep
"One dollar for bread!" he shouts and cries
seeking for some luck, awaiting in his corner
C'mon, won't you give him a buck?
"One dollar for bread" is all he needs
To make him happy for a moment
Some like cars, others games
No, bread is his enjoyment
"One dollar for bread" he pleads one more time
A man ponders by
With eyes of pity, staring him down
His gift to the boy, is but a sigh
A word of advice, for humanity
and those seeking progression
The world would we better
For now and forever
If we all gave up, one dollar for bread

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