May 23, 2008
The advent of the heart is awaited
By the river in the valley.
It thrashes against the walls that surround it.
It is angered by the walls that entrap it,
And the sky seems so far away.

The spring air tasted so sweet,
But the river needed more than honey.
The heart came by with a gift,
But the river would not take it.
The grievous cries could not be silenced.

The gift of love was not enough,
It needed to be free.
Mother Nature was mistaken,
But she could not fix it.
The river would have to dwell on with its life.

The heart reached out and stumbled down.
It joined the sobbing river.
It drowned in the deep waters that were so friendly,
And the river calmed down.
Oh, what a blessing that is.

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