In Need

May 23, 2008
By Sabrina Fiester, Big Lake, MN

My best friend, in need
I want to help
I really do
I want to understand
I wish I knew
It's like a dream
I'm running but I go nowhere
So scared but so helpless
I try to stay optimistic
but it worries me and night
I wake up crying
its hard not to think about it
We've been friends for years
I should know your every thought
Know how you feel and how to help
I'm in over my head
If only it were as simple as being a friend.
Its just not good enough
How can I help?
If only you knew, if only you could tell me.
I want you to open up
At the same time I'm scared
What if I still can't help?
What kind of friend would I be then?
I'm here to listen
I'll do whatever I can
I'm trying my best
I hope its enough.

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