Black Dress

May 23, 2008
It hangs in my closet
Plain, black, and bare.
It brings back a memory
That'll always be there.

The first time we talked
I flew to the sky.
I knew nothing about you
Except you had to be mine.

So we went to a dance
And I bought that black dress.
It was my very first chance
At anything like this.

I remember every detail.
They're still vivid to me now.
The last song we danced to
Was "You and Me" by Lifehouse.

From that point I was a popsicle.
Your smile made me melt.
But going out was impossible.
It was against my parents' will.

But you like someone else now
And you won't tell me who.
So I guess my melting's over
And I wish it wasn't true.

Good bye to kissing fantasies.
Good bye to being found.
I'll leave that dress in the closet
For the next guy who comes around.

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