Desolate Reflections

May 23, 2008
Swiftly passing day by day,
Her confidence a glow,
Not knowing she’ll be swept away,
With just one fatal blow.

I see her as she looks at me,
One glance at her reflection,
Mystified by what others see,
Assured of her complexion.

The start of her new beginning,
Appears to be approaching.
Her mind was simply grinning,
And her feelings were coasting.

The doors of the school stood wide open,
One look at the girls,
And her figure felt broken.
Her emotions became a whirl.

I see the figures flood her mind,
Shapes ranging tall and thin.
Mangled pictures all entwined,
Now batting from within.

As she walked into the locker room,
Awaiting the whistle’s blast,
Seeing the girls who had not yet bloomed,
Made her body magnified by glass.

The thoughts that are gliding
Through her thin fragile mind,
Are becoming preoccupied,
As dissatisfaction is designed.

She stepped into the lunchroom,
Not aware of her fate.
Needing assistance soon,
Before it’s too late.

Her days are filled,
Counting calories galore,
Her heart’s being killed,
Like a soldier in a war.

Forgetting what it’s like to be happy,
She counts blemishes, not blessings,
Wanting nothing more tan to be free,
And fail to remember this whole thing.

Day after day, night after night,
These habits went on for quite a while.
I sensed her giving up this fight,
Not once in a long time have I seen her smile.

The pain in her eyes, the hurt, the lies,
I noticed she was sick with fear.
Everything would take her by surprise,
She was shot down by a single spear.

Digits on the scale are nothing but a blur,
They control every aspect of her life,
What they are doing is called murder,
Stabbing at her like a knife.

Why yes it is true,
I hurt when she hurts,
Her feelings are blue,
Filled with much disconcert.

I show her the truth,
But she sees only lies.
Filled with foolish youth,
Wanting a disguise.

Trying in vain to conform to her curves,
I struggled to escape my inflexible shell.
Not wanting to stay here, just observe,
I hate contributing to her living hell.

I want so badly to teach her,
You’re worth more than you weigh,
Yet the scale alters lower,
With each passing day.

She looks at me with a long blank stare,
Her face goes pale white.
She collapses with growing despair,
Not willing to finish this fight.

She hears the sirens, now fading fast,
She drifts into a deadening hole.
Her mind is being drastically harassed.
She’s hoping that someone can save her soul.

Her days in hospital seem to drag by,
Body and soul growing decrepit and fragile.
She is empty and sad, but she cannot cry,
I watch her resign into exile.

To please the lives of others,
She harms herself for life.
Without help she smothers,
Her only last breath she strives.

These consequences are devastating,
Now with her health jeopardized.
She has no more to recreate,
Her body’s filled with lies.

She feels defined by her disorders,
Or somewhat like a traitor.
Collecting her heart, as it shatters,
I store the pieces for later.

I wish I could hold her,
And comfort her cries.
Yet I am solely a mirror,
Unable to compromise.

Everyday is a fight to live,
As I watch her deteriorate in front of me.
Bulimia holding her soul captive,
Yet all I can do is gaze back impassively.

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