Bugs Suck

May 17, 2010
My goodness I can not stand red and black ants
Especially when I see them crawl up my pants
You know I'd kill their whoole species if I had the chance
I can't stand to see a mob,not even a little glance
Ants, Ants, ants something I can't stand

Again with the bugs that hop and crawl
I really can't stand them all
like how they jump and then they fall
And then they crawl, and crawl, and crawl
Ugh ! good thing to them I am tall

Oh and the bugs that can go high especially the big dragon flies that's one thing I really despise and their big ugly eyes
Why did God create dragon flies?

And back to crawling I hate slugs especially when i see them on the rug
And it's body,to me
isn't like a regular bug
Truely I don't give a damn about slugs

And finally, man I really hate ticks I think that's a problem we need to fix,
I mean the way they crawl and how it sticks,
its little legs inside your body,
when it's time to come off they are hard to pick.

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