Where I'm From

May 23, 2008
By Ana Tozier, Medford, OR

Where I’m From

I am from the cheap county hospital down the road.
I am from the multiple mothers, there for the lack of a father.
I’m from the bad decision that sneaked through the window that night.
I’m from the change of heart brought by new life.

I’m from the 5 house changes through the blistering desert valley, the 90˚ nights in summer
I’m from jealousy of my well-to-do friends
I’m from the upbringing of my aunt and uncle.
I’m from the move across a few states, and the financial support of the one I love most, my grandmother

I’m from the fights and arguments of miscommunication;
the groundings from too much pride.
I am from the infinitive care for only my friends.
I’m from the ready to get out, and ready to leave.

I’m form the few memories I’d like to remember that I keep only in my thoughts.
I am from the do as I say and not as I did…not as I did.
I am from the always trying to look forward and not looking back.
I’m from a remorseful past, iffy present, and a promising future.

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