I Miss You

May 23, 2008
Another day has past
And yet I'm still alone
I'm counting down the days
Until he comes back home

What a day that day will be
When I see my love again
He's my true love
And my best friend

I shed many tears
During the day and the night
I hide under my covers
And hold my pillow tight

I go through days alone
Without him by my side
It feels like I am injured
Or like I have died

It hurts to see couples
So lovey-dovey and close
It's like I need a drug
Or more like an over-dose

I see him everywhere I look
I see him every day
I start to walk toward him
Then he fades away

Then I am reminded
Of how he is not here
Oh how I miss you
My love, My soldier, My dear.

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