Mana Pool

May 23, 2008
I look at the control board.
Lever three is still down,
lazy morons will get us killed.
The hum of the generator,
and the crackling electricity,
reinforce my thoughts.

The intense heat boils the water,
the steam spins the fan blades,
the axle rotates the magnets,
the repelling poles spark up some energy.
Seven hundred thousand gallons of octane,
Is the rough equivalent to the energy released,
from the destruction
of ‘unbreakable’ atoms.

Moderator fluid pulses through the one thick vein.
Solid cadmium rods are all that separates us from a second chernoble.
Another neutron collides
with a uranium nuclei.
The bullet hole fracture
can fuel your car for life,
a hundred times.

The laws of conservation
state that matter and energy can not be created or destroyed.
But abiding the laws never did anything revolutionary.

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