Dark Side

May 23, 2008
By Cassidy Skelly, Killbuck, OH

Where is she at?
Is she there, is she here?
Is she everywhere?
Is she anywhere?

How did she get here?
The one I dispise
The one who comes up
With all those lies?

The one I can't trust
The one I can't stand
The one I can't leave alone
With any man

The one who knows me inside and out
The one that could crush me
Without a doubt

The one I hate
The one I can't see
The one that is right inside me

The one who walks with me
Day by day
The one I wish
Would just go away

The one I hate
The one I dispise
The one who tricked me
Into believing those lies.

The one who likes
To see me fall
The one that ruined
Ruined it all

The one who killed me dead
The one people say
Is just in my head

The one I don't get
The one I can't see
Why people see her
But they don't see me

The one that's taking over
My body and soul
The one who is completing
Her favorite goal

She's taking me over
Each and every day
She always seems to do it
In the exact same way

The only way to win
The only way to fight
Is if I go inside myself
And find my light

I'll find a sword
Or spear or knife
I'll fight the whole battle
I'll fight for my life

She's the one
That gets under my skin
Shes the one
That won't quit till she wins

She's the one
That fills me with hate
She's the one
No guy wants to date

She's the one
You see when I'm mad
I'm the one
You see when I'm sad

I'm nothing like her
She's nothing like me
We're two different people
But we're both inside of me

Fighting for control
Over the one you call friend
Fighting a battle
Until the end

She wants to hate
And never forgive
I want to love
And begin to give

She is dark
I am light
She is dull
I am bright

I want to live
She want s to die
I tell the truth
She tells lies

I am good
She is bad
I make me happy
While she makes me mad

She's fighting for control
Over me and my soul
She wants to overtake me
That's her number one goal

She and I are Fighting
Over the one thing that matters
If she overtakes me
Then all I am scatters

If she wins
I won't be good, but bad
If she wins
I'll lose everything I had

I'm fighting a battle
To show myself through
All the bad I have done
And can't undo

I'm trying to show people
Me instead of her
I'm trying to show people
I'm not dark, I'm pure

I'm winning the battle
I'm in the lead
I have to beat her down
That's all I need

The battle is between
Me and myself
Don't try to help
Just keep to yourself

The battle is over
I'm fine now
The good has won
Bu I don't know how

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