The Importance of Breathing

May 23, 2008
By Samantha DiSalvo, Williamson, NY

It's that feeling of a completely empty existance.
The whole world is talking,
But you're silent.
The whole world is talking,
But everything is silent.
Not knowing when you're going to catch a break,
Not feeling like it's anytime soon.
Pain seeps through your pores,
Slowly but effectively enough to cause damage,
Like the constant dripping of a broken faucet.
Each heartbeat feels like a gunshot,
Pounding into your ears like a hammer hitting your head.
And it's times like these that you need to break down.
You're breaking down.
The pieces that've held you together are simply exhausted,
So you lean on something that crumbles beneath you.
Hitting the ground, you're demolished.
You lay broken,
Repeating the words,
"Just breathe."
Unexplainably, your breath becomes your peace.
In and out.
It's the only thing you can feel.
Staring at the sky above you,
Believing the lungs within you.
A mind unwoven and unattached.
But when tears flood your eyes,
There is nothing to see.
"Just breathe."
Stand now,
Carry yourself to the edge of the river.
Stretching your arms and squeezing your eyes shut,
You let the wind take your body,
The sun takes your soul.
Into the water you plunge,
Face first and completely alone,
Submerged and beaten.
Everything is silent.

This is the importance of breathing.

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