What I Am

May 23, 2008
I am a wildflower.
Unpredictable but tame,
Uncertain but strong,
Different but beautiful.

I am a chameleon.
Happy one day and unsettled the next,
Blue today and red tomorrow,
In love for now and annoyed later.

I am a hawk.
My wing is broken yet my face is firm.
You try to catch me when I need to fly.
I have wit but my vision is blurred.

I am the wind.
Surrounded by everything, yet so on my own.
I have no plan, but I like the adventure.
Usually soft, and sometimes harsh.

I have a flame.
It burns somewhere inside me and defines my soul,
Sometimes smothered but determined to remain,
Feeding my heart but confusing my mind.

I am just a girl,
Trying to find my place.

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